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Using digital signage managed by your own business gives the business more control over what may be displayed and at what time. When advertisements are scheduled with the local TV station, the business will not be able to make any last minute changes or edits to the advertisement, as the TV stations are the one who dictate terms and time slots as available, depending on the available budget. Additionally, digital signage provides the possibility to have several display screens installed in strategic points, to address the business audience.

Another advantage of displaying advertisements with the use of giant screens is the ability to target the correct audience. It is of little use broadcasting an advertisement about your restaurant to an audience that is thousand miles away. Instead, businesses need to focus on their local community - Digital signage displays are able to do that successfully.

Loop Time

Convenient Store

5 Min x 60 sec = 300 sec by 10 Sec Ad = 30 Ads


60 min. x 60 sec= 3600 sec by 10 sec Ad = 360 Ads


45 min. x 60 sec. = 2700 sec by 10 sec Ad = 270 Ads